1027820 or as We know Him, O.J. Simpson will be back in Las Vegas court

O.J. Simpson or 1027820 as He is known by the Nevada State prison system will be back in the same Court that sent Him to prison. This time He intends to take the stand. He will ask for a new trial based on incompetent counsel. He did not take the stand in the trial that sent Him to prison or in the one that set Him free on murder charges.

The Court case will begin May 13 and should last 5 days with Simpson taking the stand about half way through.

Simpson is said to be making 19 points the main one being that His counsel, Yale Galanter was so bad that for that reason alone He deserves a new trial. Simpson is serving a 9 year minimum, 33 year maximum sentence. He is eligible for parole at the age of 70.

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