Uber Las Vegas


Uber and Lyft are now picking up all over Vegas. Operations started on September 15, 2015 and so far all is going smoothly. There are no restricted areas for use of the ride share services. Both Services are operating at the McCarran Airport.

Now Uber has drastically cut prices many times. The base fare that was 2.40 is now 1.50, the price per mile was 1.85 is now .90, the per minute price was .30 is now .15. The safe fee is increased from 1 dollar to 1.70 Lyft has now come down to near match the rates, Lyft is mostly the same except You can tip on the Lyft App but cannot on Uber. The low rates have made it near impossible for drivers to make a profit and even though that is terrible for Them it is great for the riders. You will see that service is fantastic, cars are ready to pick You up all over Vegas.

In case You do not know what Uber is: Uber is a ride share company that works like a taxi but You summons Your car by using an App on Your smart phone. The fare comes directly out of Your account that You set up in advance. To set up an account go here

How to use Uber in Las Vegas

Use Uber all over Vegas : In the app You will see a "set location" button, move that around until Your location is reading the real exact address of where You are wanting to be picked up. If You are too lazy to do that then just pick what it gives you then immediately contact the driver and tell Him/Her exactly where You want to be picked up. You can also text that same number if you prefer instead of calling. Get Your first ride free and set up your account here.

How to use Uber on the Las Vegas Strip

Each Las Vegas Strip hotel has a dedicated area where Uber and Lyft can pick up and drop off, some have the same area as taxi's but most are separate. Ask the Taxi guy in the vallet area where the pick up is for Uber and Lyft THEN open Your app and request pick up. The pick up should be in minutes so there is no need to summons a car while You are in the Casino, wait until You know where the pick up spot is and You are standing in that area. Get Your first ride free and set up Your account here.

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Important: Your Uber or Lyft driver is not Your driver, He is doing You a favor as much as You are Him. He is not Your boy, He is not Your slave. He makes very little money, Tipping is advised