Crystals at
CityCenter Las Vegas

When construction began on this 8.5 billion dollar project The American Economy was very strong, plenty of people were throwing money away on name brand merchandise. As construction was at about the half way point Las Vegas hit an all time low so the future of this project was in jeopardy. Some creative financing and mergers kept the project going and eventually opened in December 2009. Since then the project has cost MGM record loses. This project will prove to be successful when the economy improves.

The architecture is truly amazing, a must see spot in Las Vegas. It's design is a product of architects from all over the World.

Please watch the Video on this page to see if this is a place You will visit. Of course from the name of this website you probably wonder why this place is even mentioned. You don't have to buy anything so go visit so I would put this under Free entertainment. Just visit to people watch, you might see a celebrity or two. Who will it be? Who is buying a 4,000 dollar purse? Paris Hilton? Elin Woods? Who else can afford it? Well, tell us your stories, please! We want to know who you are, you don't have to leave your name, We want to know who shops here.

You know You're in Vegas when You can buy a 4000 dollar purse and a few feet away from that shop a couple guys can also enjoy a 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Half Price shows

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