Britney Spears Piece of Me, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Britney Spears will continue Her residency through 2017

Britney Spears is in Las Vegas Get Tickets now

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Britney Spears set up residency at the Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood for a long term running of Her Show "Piece of Me".

Something You may not know about Britney: She is starting a lingerie line with "Change Lingerie". If You noticed Britney has not been in any trouble in a long time, Why? She does not drink, smoke or do drugs, nor will will allow any of Her "People" that are around Her daily to do so. She also will be getting married in 2014. 

And, Britney doesn't even gamble but that is actually pretty common among Vegas performers. It is very difficult for Britney to come and go around Vegas without causing a crowd to form. She spends all Her free time in Los Angeles with Her children. 

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