Forever Doo Wop, Las Vegas, Le Bistro Theater, Riviera

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal

Forever Motor City and Foever Doo Wop are performed by the same singers, on the same stage at two shows nightly. 

Although both shows are sung to track, the very nature of doo-wop lets it thrive on the vocal harmonies of the live singers. The lightly scored backing tracks are minimally invasive.

Motown classics are more driven by the music, so “Motor City” often feels bogged down and drained of its energy by the karaoke tracks. And “Doo Wop” stands alone in its field, while “Motor City” competes with two Motown tributes backed by live bands. Unless you really have a problem with Australian white guys, Human Nature wins the three-way race hands-down. “Motor City” and “Hitzville” evenly match their singers, and would be more or less a “pick ’em” if “Hitzville” didn’t have the live band as an edge.

“Doo Wop” also has more visual energy and creative structure from director Misty Rowe (yes, that Misty Rowe of “Hee Haw” fame). Onstage DJ Ryan Flanigan and the countdown format of “The Top 10 Doo Wop Songs of all time” give the hour an organizing thread and some forward motion.

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