New Year's Eve in Las Vegas or as We say NYE VEGAS, is like no other NYE. NYE in New York has Ball Drop, Vegas doesn't do boring, Vegas does 100's of parties all at once.

NYE on December 31, 2016 comes with new security measures. You may not have a bag, back pack, cooler, cart or bottle with You after 6 pm. There was even a no purse rule but that has been backed off and most like a very small purse will be allowed but do not bring a large one as it could be consider in the "bag" category. 

NYE VEGAS, is like a buffet of parties, You can find one that You like and if You don't like, leave. No reason to stick around something that doesn't suit You. You will find something, just keep moving from party to party until its right for You. The night Clubs are the most talked about but You can go downtown experience some really good FREE Entertainment. Warning, Downtown is very crowded, so if You are one that needs to be near a restroom pick Your spot off to the side, do not try to get in the middle where the view is best.

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Fremont Street Experience Free entertainment NYE

Beginning December 31, at 6:10 pm and ending at 3:00am January 1. Of Course, by ending We mean the band will stop playing, You can end Your party whenever You want. Most NYE hard Core party goers make it to 6 or 7 am. When do You finish?

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