Allovervegas is the promo code to use for free or reduced rides with Lyft

Yes, Uber is more well known, in fact the percentage of People that use Uber and still have not heard of Lyft is staggering. But Lyft is almost everywhere that Uber is. And that goes for all over vegas and that just happens to be the promo code You can use to get a free or reduced fare using Lyft. Just download the app then when You are ready to request a ride, do so then You will see a place to type in the code allovervegas then sit back and wait a few minutes for Your ride. Lyft uses different promotions monthly or even weekly so the promo code might be for a free ride of up to 20 dollars or it might be 5 dollars off Your first 10 rides, which is even better, either way, You win. It isn't easy to win in Vegas but with this code allovervegas You definitely win.

Lyft is first ride share to operate legally at the McCarran (Las Vegas) International Airport. 

Before they were legal a lot of Uber and Lyft drivers were picking up and dropping off at the Las Vegas (McCarran) airport and about 200 of them got very expensive citations for doing so. But now Lyft is completely legal to pick up and drop off. This was a major hurdle for Lyft to clear but they did it and now You benefit by getting cheaper fares to and from the Las Vegas International Airport. And guess what these drivers will actually take You directly to Your hotel, they will not try to trick You and take You the long way.

Half Price shows

Drive for Lyft. Are You interested in a great job that You can go to when YOU want? No boss, no schedule, no hassles? Lyft is Your best bet, especially in Vegas.