Watch what You Eat in Las Vegas, You might get sick

Even Yelp for restaurant reviews can be flawed. Those reviews are cheated by restaurant owners all the time. Sometimes one owner will make up bad reviews for His competition and get family and friends to give Him great reviews and if You do that enough You can change the market. Until the process is fool proof, don't put any faith in it. Yelp is improving their system all the time and is now much better than just a year ago.

A few years ago a Restaurant near the strip that had very good Yelp reviews, got 200 People sick, really sick! The restaurant, walking distance from the Strip was a Tappas Restaurant named, Firefly is now closed. (Update, this restaurant has reopened and Everyone has forgotten about the sickness) The Health department shut it down due to the large amount of infractions. The owner said He will reopen but in a new location near this one. Why? So He can change the name and start from scratch? Get more fake Yelp reviews and fool more Tourist? The health department needs to pin those infractions on the owner not the restaurant. Same thing? No, not even close. The owner can open under a new name the next day and be in business but the restaurant could even change owners but could not open until it has made good all the problems.

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