Who are the new Owners of the LVH?

The best way to understand Who the new owners are is to watch the video on this page. It's the short version of the documentary but it tells You all you need to know. An old Man with lots of money marries a beauty Queen, Who admits She wasn't in love for a while. She claims to be now at least for our sake. His name is David Siegel and Her name is Queen or at least that is what she is referred to. Jackie is Her name but She is better known as the Queen of Versailles. The reason She is called that is due to the house they are building. It is inspired by Versailles (France).

David Siegel made His fortune in selling Time Shares all over the World but mostly in Orlando, Florida. Most of His projects were built to be time shares but some are properties that are bought and converted to time shares.

The couple is building the largest house in the United States in Orlando and has been for a few years, and there is no end in sight. The documentary mentioned in the video on this page is mostly about the house being built but it also sheds some light on the struggles that the couple was going through financially at the time. But as very rich People do all over the world, they went broke but now banks are loaning them money again. They might be worth a billion or nothing.

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