As lovers of Las Vegas We want to give information that will encourage you to visit Las Vegas. There is still lots to love about Las Vegas, its still the most exciting City in the world. However, not all is peaches and creme so please be confident that what you read here is real and no advertising dollars can change that.

Every Casino was audited unannounced by to find out what games they offer, what was unique about them, how the smoke ventilation was, the cocktail service, the restroom cleanliness and the overall atmosphere. The information here is true and factual as it was on our “in person” visit. We do not take the scripts from the Hotel/Casinos that other sites will give you. Why come here if we are giving you box info from the Casino? This site will only give first hand true assessments.

Please use the contact page if you feel any information on this site is incorrect or unfair. We want to be 100 percent accurate and truthful but We understand that things change daily so it is possible Our information can be wrong.

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