Caribbean Stud

In Caribbean Stud Poker normal Poker rules apply to the winning hand. Its you against the dealer, you don’t need to pay attention to the other players at all. First place an ante bet at least the table minimum. All players and dealer are dealt five cards. Player cards are all face down dealer cards are four down one up. At this time you must make a decision to make an equal bet or fold. If you have nothing and want to fold then you lose your ante bet (that’s usually a good decision if you have nothing). If you think you have a hand that can beat the dealer then its time to put the other equal bet up. Then the dealer shows his cards. If the dealer does not have a poker ranked hand of ace and king he must fold and win on your ante bet and get your second bet back. If you beat him and he has the ace, king ranking then you win both bets. The ante bet is even money and the second bet is based on what casino you play, be sure to ask the payouts before playing.

Strip Casinos that have This Game

Bally’s, Caesars, Casino Royale, Excalibur, Flamingo, Monte Carlo, Paris, Venetian, Wynn

Near Strip Casinos that have This Game

There are no casinos in this group that offer this game.

Downtown Casinos that have this game

There are no casinos in this group that offer this game.

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