Crazy 4 Poker

Crazy 4 poker

Crazy 4 Poker:Place bets of equal amounts on the Ante and Super Bonus circles in front of you. There is an optional Queens Up wager that will pay you a bonus if you have a pair of queens or better.

The dealer deals five cards to you and to him. At this time you have to bet or fold. We suggest you fold if you don’t have a pair or better. If you have a pair or better and want to continue you must place a bet that equals your ante, if you have a pair or better you can bet three times your ante. If you fold you lose all bets but that might be the smartest thing to do so have a plan and stick to it. The dealer then turns over his cards, if he doesn’t have a king or better he doesn’t qualify and you win even money on your bet. If the dealer does have king or better and you have a better hand you win both the play and ante bet A super bonus is paid if you have a straight or better. That amount varies from casino to casino. Also if you bet queens up you are paid additional according to that casino.

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