Gold Spike Hotel and Casino, Downtown, Las Vegas

Gold Spike is no longer for rent. The building has been taken over by the downtown Shoe Company, Zappo's

Gold Spike is not what it used to be, the former Hotel Casino and sports book is now a laid back 24 hour bar. It was a shock when I witnessed this first hand. The new bar is furnished with beds and lounge chairs and other unique pieces. The new concept is all about Zappo's vision of revamping Downtown Las Vegas. The public is welcome at this bar and Hotel but it is primarily frequented by Zappo employee's. 

The Vibe is very laid back, including the easy listening music and speak easy bar. It is more like something You would see in Portland, Or or Silicon Valley. You might even call it a hippie hang out.

If You are looking for a Hotel Casino like the old Gold Spike, try El Cortez, it is the closest thing to it that is still in business. 

The video below is of the old Gold Spike, if You are like Me, You wish it was still this way

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