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Eli Roth's Goretorium

Who is Eli Roth? He is best known for directing the horror film, Hostel and Hostel 2. He was making film when He was 8 years old. His goal is to shock and scare the audience and He is very good at it.

Goretorium is a show all horror film fans must see. It is one thing to see a good horror film but to see a good horror show is a completely different experience. Where there is no re-takes in this show, You get the full grasp of work put in to this show.

As You can see from the pictures, the make-up crew are very good. The make up portion of the show takes longer than the show itself.

If You have ever been to a really good Halloween fright show, You could compare this to that experience, except on a more professional level.

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