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We have show tickets for all shows in Las Vegas. We use as many as 10 sources for our ticket supply to make sure You are getting the best price.

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Ongoing Las Vegas Shows

All Shook Up

Anthony Cools

Aussie Hunks

Australian Bee Gees

Backstreet Boys

Beacher’s Madhouse

Beatles – Love Cirque

Beatle Show! Tribute

Blue Man Group

Britney Spears

Carrot Top

Celine Dion


Cirque Du Soleil

Crazy Girls Fantasy Revue

Cris Angel

David Copperfield

Defending The Caveman

Dirk Arthur’s Wild illusions

Divas staring Frank Marino

Donny and Marie

Eddie Griffin

Elton John

Gregory Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

Gwen Stefani

Hitzville Motown

Human Nature


Jeff Civillico

Jeff Dunham

KA-Cirque du Soleil

Kevin Lepine

Las Vegas Comedy Live

Le Reve

Magic Mike 

Marc Savard Hypnosis

Mariah Carey

Marriage Can Be Murder (dinner show)

Mat Franco

Menopause The Musical

Michael Jackson’s ONE with Cirque du Soleil

MJ Live Michael Jackson Tribute Show


Nathan Burton

Night School 4 Girls

O! Cirque du Soleil

Olivia Newton John

Penn and Teller

Pin Up

Reba, Brooks & Dunn: Together in Vegas

Rod Stewart

Seth Grabel

Sexxy (adult)

Shades of Sinatra

Steve Wynn’s Show Stoppers

Stripper 101

Tenors of Rock

Terry Fator

The Laugh Factory

The Mentalist

The Rat Pack is back

The Righteous Brothers

Tournament of Kings Dinner Show

Thunder from Down Under

V-The Ultimate Variety Show

Vegas The Show!

What Women Want


X – Burlesque

Zombie Burlesque

Zumanity-Cirque Show

Zombie Burlesque

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Zumanity Dancers preform outside New York New York, We have this show at a special discounted price. This Cirque du Soleil show is the Adult version 

Comedy Pet Theater

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V - The Ultimate Variety Show

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Aussie Heat 

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Beatleshow Orchestra TRIBUTE to The Beatles

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half price shows

You can buy tickets to many of Las Vegas Shows the day of the show. Many shows are offered at Kiosk throughout Las Vegas offering You as much as half off for that day's Show. Those are real tickets for those shows. They are called "half off" even though they are about 30 percent off plus You will have to pay a service fee of at least 6 dollars per ticket. Those deals are not for popular shows, they are for shows that cannot fill the theater. No show wants to be half full so they will allow these tickets to be sold cheaper at the last minute. If Your goal is to see a show in Vegas no matter what the show then these type of deals are not bad. Remember that these tickets will not be where You want to sit and a lot of times You cannot sit with Your group. Some of the lines are well over one hour long so if You decide to buy a ticket form one of these places do so in a group so that You can take turns standing in line. Also, there is no way to know if Your tickets are going to be still available when it is Your turn to buy so always have a 1st, 2nd and even 3rd choice agreed upon with Your group so You do not have to go back to the end of the line and start over.

If You want to see a famous Las Vegas Show or at least one with good reviews You must get a ticket in advance. The more in advance the better the seat.

When You check in Your Las Vegas Hotel room make sure You look through the offers that the Resort gives You . Most of the time if that Resort has a Show or They have a Show at a Sister property, They will offer You a discount. If all You want to do is see a Vegas show, this is the best way to achieve that. For instance: Ballys will give You a number of offers and one will be a discount on Jubilee, a famous Las Vegas Show. Its not a long show and its very reasonably priced. You can say You went to a show and then You can enjoy the rest of Your trip.

We have this incredible Beatle Tribute show for half price, You would not think this show would be in our group of cheap Vegas Show Tickets but it is.

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With more shows to choose from than any other City in the World, You might feel overwhelmed deciding on one. But if You narrow Your preference to a category, You can make Your decision much easier. If Your interest is in a Cirque du soleil show, why browse through the Comedy and Adult shows? If You want to see Britney or Mariah or JLo just browse the Concerts and headliners. 

Don't like huge theaters and big crowds? Choose an afternoon Show for a much lower price.  

A Dinner and Show combo is a great value and saves time to do other things that day.

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