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You can get cheap eats in Vegas if you don't fall into the Hotel's traps. You can also waste lots of money on snacks and drinks, especially if you are traveling with children. Water is probably the biggest rip off in Las Vegas but you can plan ahead and avoid paying 3 dollars for a bottled water. The places that will get you the worst are the little convenience/gift shops in your hotel. Even in the value hotels they like to make big profit in these shops. Do not over pay for water, snacks, beer, wine, liquor, suntan lotion and general necessities. You can get this much cheaper if you shop right.

Also, in addition to buying water from the right place you will find many street vendors (not licensed) selling good water for one dollar. They usually have a rolling cooler and set up wherever its very hot normally the pedestrian overpass. The Police run them off since they are not licensed so you might see plenty of them one minute and none the next so don’t count on this for your water source but when its there it’s a good deal.

North end of the strip: Inside Rivera you will find an ABC Store. This is as close as you will come to your grocery store prices back home without driving away from the strip. The prices on everything are only 10-20 percent more than you would pay by driving a good distance away so it makes sense to stock up here. Especially water, its one of the most over priced thing you can buy in Vegas. Then going south on the east side of the strip there is a Walgreens, a 7-Eleven and some souvenir shops. All are a good choice compared to the convenience/gift shops in your hotel. There is a stretch of the strip after the 7-Eleven going south that you will not find anything cheap so be sure to get what you need or wait until you are further south. There is a Food Court at Fashion Show Mall with reasonable prices on food but not on water, beer or general necessities. The fashion show mall is on the west side of the strip across from the Wynn.

Center strip:

The Venentian Food Court has some cheap food in a very nice setting.

Casino Royale food Court has a couple of cheap choices of fast food.

There is a McDonalds just north of Harrah’s and two choices of fast food below that at good value. On the other side of the street you can get some good priced food at the Caesars Palace food court.

Then you can find a Food court inside of O'Sheas with good prices. This food court has the Strip’s only Burger King.

From Bill’s gambling Hall take Flamino one block east and find The Stage Door bar and convenience store. The prices here are much better than the little shops on the strip and similar to ABC Stores. And if you go one more block you will see Jay's Market on one corner and AM-PM on the other of Koval and Flamingo which has snacks, drinks and hot food at very good prices. Then just down Koval going south is a 7 eleven.

Once you are in the Planet Hollywood area you can get anything you need at a good price. If you want beer, wine, snacks, liquor, water, suntan lotion or general necessities you have two ABC stores inside Planet Hollywood shops. One on the north side and one on the south side.

Then walking south you have rows of souvenir shops that have great deals on everything from shirts to snacks and drinks. If you want to bring home some cheap Vegas souvenirs this is the place to buy them. You will continue to see these shops all the way up the entrance to MGM Grand. Also in that section from Planet Hollywood to MGM is a 7-eleven, a McDonalds and a Walgreens.

For some reason there is absolutely nothing for cheap shopping on the west side of the street except a CVS located right next door to the Monte Carlo Hotel. The prices there are very good. Other than CVS if you are on the west side of the strip you need to cross over to get the better deals.

check out the food courts at MGM,Monte Carlo,New York New York, Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay bay.

Downtown has an ABC Store right on Fremont between the Golden Gate and the Golden Nugget. So no matter where you are in Downtown you have a great store for cheap snacks, drinks and necessities.

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