Find Girls in Las Vegas

Every Guy that travels here thinks about how to find Girls in Las Vegas. There are plenty of Girls and plenty of ways to find them. The one that is most obvious are the girls that are advertised to come direct to Your room, read about those girls here......

These Hot Babes in Police Attire on the Las Vegas strip are NOT for hire. They are buskers that are just trying to earn a tip for a picture and a Frisk. Yes, They will put You against the wall and pat You down but do not suggest sex for hire to Them, You might see the real Metro Police if You do. But feel free to invite them for drinks or some gambling. Doesn't hurt to ask, You didn't have a date with them before You asked so what do You have to lose?

Another way is to go to the nightclubs, spend a huge cover charge (for a popular one), buy a vip table, spend a 1000 or 2 and You can probably meet a girl that will talk to You until You quit spending money then kiss You goodbye. The day clubs are much better for getting laid than the night clubs. Girls are getting very drunk during the day and the pool parties are very dirty, You can almost get laid in the pool at Rehab (Hard Rock) and many other pool parties. You can likely take a Girl to Your room from a day club then take a nap and be ready to get it going again that night. Just be careful about taking a drunk Girl to Your room, They can accuse You of rape the next day even if it was very much consensual. 

And now a Lesson in Picking up the Wrong Women in Las Vegas

In the Video below is a very drunk girl that most ANY Guy could take back to His Hotel Room but BEWARE this would be the mistake of Your life. First, She is so drunk the sex would be horrible and second, You might be facing criminal charges the next day. She will have no idea who the hell You are in the morning and if You didn't stay the night She will convince Her Friends that You raped Her. She must save face with Her friends so now the Police are looking for YOU. If You want a one night stand and do not want the Las Vegas Metro Police in Your room the next day, read this.........

How about the strip joints? All the taxi drivers want to take You there and give You a FREE pass but FREE turns into an 900 dollar charge on Your credit card for a couple hours fun. But You didn't order those drinks for those whores, right? Wrong, You are always wrong in the Strip Joint, never, ever use Your credit card there. If You want to go, take a little cash and worst case that is all They can take. If You get laid by going to a Las Vegas Strip joint, You might be the first to ever  do it. You can do like every other guy and tell the girl how much money You will give Her to come home with You but She will just keep acting interested so You keep spending money then leave You waiting out front at 4am while She goes out the trap door.

A much better choice than Nightclubs or strip joints  is BEER PONG, More interaction and a lot more fun. Beer Pong requires most players to get drunk which increases the fun and flirting. find out where to go to play beer pong here........

Face it, lets be honest, You want to get laid and You don't want Anyone to find out about it, except maybe a few People You are going to brag to about it. In that case, You want to do it with Someone that does it all the time. Are these escorts for real? Of course all of them have a picture on a card that is very appealing and maybe the picture is a little bit old. The one thing that is constant in Vegas, the girl on the card is the girl that will come to Your room, She will never look as good as the card but it will be the same girl. If You do not like the looks, tell Her sorry, never mind. 

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Never assume anything about the Girls You see in provocative attire. There are plenty of Girls like the one in the video above that like attention and show their ass but have no intention in going further with it.

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The Girl in the above Video is not an Escort, She is a Busker, just flaunting Her beautiful Body for Tips.

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