Report illegal smoking in Las Vegas

The complaint for illegal smoking can be found here..

Most People think that nothing can be done with all the  illegal smoking that goes on in Las Vegas but that is not true. There are plenty of places that You cannot smoke and the Casinos are not enforcing it. But unless You report them, nothing will happen.

If You see or smell someone smoking in a Hotel Room on a non-smoking floor, report it to the manager and expect a response. If You do not get a response report it to the Indoor air act complaint form

It is illegal to smoke in any public place that does not contain Gaming. Lobbys, shopping, restaurants, elevators, restrooms are protected by the Clean indoor air act of Nevada. A rule of thumb is, if Children are allowed to stay in the area it is covered by the Nevada indoor air act. 

For instance, Children are not allow to remain on the Casino floor, they must keep moving, therefore, they can be subject to inhale smoke and shorten their life. But just because they are being killed it is NOT against the law. Do not report that, it is the right of the Casino to allow them to suffer.

But places like the Mall, the Lobby, Elevators, Shopping areas, Restaurants, public transportation are all covered by the Nevada Clean indoor Air Act.

The places That these Casinos allow smoking illegally must be reported. These Casinos are Liable for smoking that is taking place in areas that smoking is prohibited by the Nevada Clean indoor air act. People are being forced to breath second hand smoke in areas where they have the expectation of clean air.

it is very important that You report EVERY incident on the  complaint form here..

Take a screenshot of Your complaint or at least make a note of the date and time of Your complaint. It could help You in being included in a class action lawsuit against the State of Nevada, the Casinos in Nevada and potentially more that have ignored the law.

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NOTE: The information on this page relates to tobacco smoke. marijuana is in a completely different category. Marijuana aka: Cannabis or Pot is Prohibited Anywhere in public. The problem is many People do not know it.