Fremont Street Experience
Downtown, Las Vegas

Official site of The Fremont Street Experience is where to get Today's entertainment schedule as well as a calendar of events.

Slotzilla is now reality in downtown Las Vegas

Opened in 1995 The Fremont Street Experience saved Downtown from being totally forgotten. Since then most will agree that Downtown is definitely worth the short transit from the Strip.

There is a wide range of free entertainment at the Downtown Fremont Street Experience. Most of the year Sunday - Thursday You will find Carl Ferris on the sax and the light and sound system of the venue with maybe a local act or two. On Friday and Saturday or on Holidays, You might find a major name or a somewhat well known act. I warn You, if the band or act is nationally known, the audience will be maybe bigger than You want to be a part of. There are a lot of good bands that play that are not so well known and will not draw an uncomfortably large crowd.

Example of a normal or medium size crowd for a not nationally known band

The crowd above is typical of good bands. These crowds allow You to move around, get a drink, use the restroom and come and go.

The bigger nationally or worldwide known acts can be so crowded You cannot move. Just be prepared to not be able to move until the show is over.

Fremont Street Experience is a must see when you visit Vegas. If you are staying on the North end of the Strip You can take the bus and get to Downtown Vegas pretty quick. But be warned its a long ride if you are staying center or south strip. If You are on the South end (MGM, Mandalay Bay, Etc) You might not want to take the bus. Best thing to do is get in the area of Riviera, Circus Circus, Sahara or Stratosphere. To do that from South Strip I would advise taking the Monorail to Sahara Hotel/Casino then taking the bus just a few stops to downtown. If you are traveling with 3 or 4 people you might be better off taking a taxi but if its one or two of you I suggest taking the Monorial to Sahara then the bus across from Stratosphere. The bus only makes a few more stops from that location so it will only take a few minutes to arrive downtown. No matter how you arrive or even if you are staying Downtown the Fremont Street Experience offers the Best free Entertainment in Vegas
Enjoy the videos below of some of the Fremont Street Entertainment.

Carl Ferris is an amazing talent. Every sound you hear on these videos is produced by him only. He is actually playing the sax through the gigantic sound system of the Fremont Experience, its a must see free thing to do in Vegas.

Carl Ferris writes all his own music and according to him, He doesn't
have a job He just loves to perform.

Carl Ferris plays year round at the
Fremont Street Experience.

Carl Ferris is very accessible unlike most performers, You can get
your picture taken with Him even as he plays.

Flare Bartenders Fremont Street Experience

Video of Fremont Experience "Who do you love"

Video of Fremont Experience "Bad to the Bone"

Video of Fremont Experience "Time of the Season"

Video of Fremont Experience "No one told me about Her"

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