Las Vegas giving rooms away again

Remember when a little bit of gambling would get Your rewarded with at least a free buffet? Well, that's probably never coming back but what is coming back is FREE ROOMS IN VEGAS!

How do I get free rooms in Vegas?

Be flexible, offers will come to You at the strangest times. I was planing to be in Vegas for two weeks around Christmas but I got offers for early December, so I changed my trip to then. Choose an airline that has consistent pricing throughout the year, like Soutwest. A flexible airline will allow You to change Your plans to meet the new schedule of some free hotel room nights.

Never, ever play even 10 dollars in Las Vegas without using a players card. Sign up for free, if You lost Your card, get a new one free. You might not get any offers right away but You will. When You least expect it, You get an offer for a free room night or nights. It might not be when You want to visit Vegas but if You are flexible, You can take advantage.

What is different now to make Vegas give away rooms?

Gambling revenue as a percentage is way way down in Vegas right now. The total dollar amount is as high as ever but the Clubs, Shows and dining are way up and now they out perform gambling. That doesn't mean that Vegas now does not care about You if all You do is gamble when You go to Vegas. That was the case for the last few years but then Vegas got another idea, get the gambling back to the number one reason People come to Vegas. Each property has marketing experts that are in charge of one segment. The ones in charge of casino revenue compete with the ones that are in charge of food service or the Clubs. The competition between the in house employees is fierce. 

Clubs are the best profit for the Casinos but without gambling they cannot exist. 

Half Price shows