Las Vegas, The Robotic City

Las Vegas has a chance to be a front runner in something that is going to happen worldwide, become a robotic City. The reason it will be noticed more in Las Vegas is because of the massive number of People that automation will replace. No where in the world will it be more noticed.

The first place You will notice automation is at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport. Now You can weigh Your luggage and pay accordingly all by self service kiosk. Buying a ticket from a agent at the airport will become impossible. You can now do everything at this kiosk that You had to do through an agent in the past. Instead of 10 employees for an airline there will be one, just to oversee the process and make sure the bags get on the moving belt.

self service check in at mccarran las vegas airport

Self Service Kiosk check in, Las Vegas McCarran Airport

Las Vegas Monorail

The Las Vegas Monorail was automated from inception in 1995. All tickets are by Kiosk and even the trains have no human on-board. The full operation of the Monorail is done without human interaction.

Las Vegas Automated Gaming

Two of the most popular games in Las Vegas Casinos are shown above, fully automated craps and roulette. You can put any amount of money in either game or You can even put a ticket from another game to get started. You never need human interaction, unless You need a drink. These two games are examples of games that could never be played without a dealer just a few years ago. Soon traditional roulette tables will only be seen in museums and Craps tables will decrease in numbers drastically.

Already, You can play blackjack with a virtual dealer and You can bet that there are plenty of People working on a way to deal blackjack automated with real cards not virtual cards. The reason that the two games above work so well is they use real dice and a real roulette wheel. So it makes the player confident that the odds are the same as the traditional game. The problem with the virtual blackjack game is it doesn't use real cards, so that game isn't very popular.

Automated Check-in for Your Hotel stay is being used sparingly but look for it to pick up. Riviera tried it but it had so many problems it didn't speed up the process.

Show tickets and Sports betting tickets have already been automated but shortly after implementing You no longer see either. Expect that to change when the bugs are worked out.

You can bet that every game in the casino that be automated will be in the next few years. The good news is these game are actually more pleasurable to play, the bad news is they are job-killers.

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