Las Vegas Metro Police Turly The Best

Las Vegas Metro Police Truly The Best!! They put up with more shit than any police in the world. Good for them that lots of it is fun, like happy drunks, naked girls, people celebrating winnings a little too hard. But the job has its downside like you will see in this Video. If you ever have a problem in Las Vegas you can be sure that the Las Vegas Metro Police will respond in minutes if not seconds. It is rare to look around and not see a Las Vegas Metro Officer in sight, just when You think there isn't one just stir up some trouble and find out pretty quick how wrong You are. You can find them on foot, on bike, on motorcycle (even off road bikes), in cars and even Horseback. And don't forget trained security is all over every Casino, although not part of Metro They take care of many problems before Metro needs to respond. If you are going to cause trouble, Don't do so in Vegas.

Watch Video of Las Vegas Metro react to a fight on the Strip

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