Super Bowl 49 Las Vegas

Betting on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. As You would expect, You have lots of choices. Remember that thousands of People want to bet on the Super Bowl at the same time as You do. If You want to place a bet on the Super Bowl the day before the game or even a few hours ahead of the game, You won't have any problem. If You like to bet right up to game time or even the half time bets then You need to consider getting the online Gaming app. That way You can wait as long as You like and just hit the bet button and Your bet is placed. You will also be able to bet "in running" bets like "will the team get a first down or punt?" , "will the next play be a run or pass". And when Everyone runs up to the betting window at half time to make that half time bet, You can sit back in Your seat and push the bet button anytime You feel like it.

Watching the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. If You want to go to a watching party, You can do that at any casino in Vegas, just check ahead of time for price and options. Keep in mind that Vegas will have the Super Bowl playing on every TV in all casinos and even outside so do not get trapped in a lame party unless it is a great deal. All gaming areas will have the game on, some will have the game just above Your head at blackjack, slots and other games, some with sound, some muted. If You want to enjoy Vegas but want to keep up with the game, then go about Your day as usual, the game will be EVERYWHERE!

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