Mobile Sports Betting in Vegas

Why would You want to sign up for a Mobile Sports betting account in Vegas?

The main reason would be for convenience. You can make bets all over the State of Nevada, not just in Vegas. The betting app gives you access to all the bets that You have in the Casinos. Other than convenience there is the fact that You will no longer miss a bet because You are 10 minutes from game time but 20 minutes away from a sports book. The best example is when You want to place half time bets, many sports books will only give You the half time bets with a 10 minute window to decide on Your bet, get in line and get your ticket and sometimes You get shut out because the sports book is too crowded. 

Do You have to give Your Social Security number to open an account?

Yes, all online betting systems require Your social security number. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year showing Your wins and loses. The casinos have no control over this and are forced to do so by the United States Government. 

Why should You NOT get the betting app?

There are some People that might want to keep all their gambling secrets to themselves and if You have this app, anyone that will see Your taxes will see the activity from this Sports Book. That might be Your tax attorney or Your spouse, so if You want to keep Your gambling business to Yourself, do not get the app. Another reason to not get it is if You want to pace Yourself on Your sports betting and by going to the Sports Book in person with cash slows You down just the way You need it to then do not get the app. The app is right there in Your hand and You can definitely find Yourself betting many more games than You ever did when You had to do it in person and with cash. 

How long does it take to sign up for the App?

It should not take more than 15 minutes at the most. I suggest that You download the app prior to filling out the paperwork since the app can be time consuming to set up. You will want to have the app working before You leave the casino so that You understand all the options. The only thing the casino will get from You is Your address and SS number. They will then make a deposit for whatever amount You want to start with and credit Your account. Most Casinos that offer this service offer a sign up bonus of around 25 dollars. CG gaming also offers 5 percent back on loses.

How You should use the App responsibly. 

I like to use it to back up my in person bets. For instance if I want to bet Green Bay and the line in the casino is -7 but the app has Green Bay at -6.5 it is a good time to place that bet on the app instead of the casino. Betting lines vary by half or a full point often and there are 8 different lines in Vegas so at least You can cover two of them by being in a live sports book and having the app in Your hand. Bottom line is You should use the app in the same way You would bet in person and with cash. Just like chips at the blackjack table, they seem like chips not money so You bet more. If You are going to make 10 bets in the sports book and You use the app to bet 10 bets instead then You are using the app responsibly but if it causes You to bet 20 bets instead, You might be out of money quick.

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Where can I get the app in Vegas?

All the Station Casinos (If they have a Station in their name, they are Station Casinos)

Hard Rock, Tropicana, Venetian, Palazzo, MResort

William Hill: Ellis Island, Hooters, Tuscany, Westin and many more.