Rent Cars in Las Vegas

Renting a Car in Las Vegas is extremely easy. The new (a few years old) Rental car Depot is a work of art. You have to take a bus from the airport but the buses are always a minute apart so as soon as a few people board They take off. Its a quick 5 minutes and You are there. The massive terminal can handle hundreds of customers in very little time. Be sure to make note of how You will return to the terminal at the end of Your rental period. The easiest way is to take Las Vegas Blvd South past Mandalay Bay and toward South Point Hotel and Casino. You will see a hugh sign "rental car return". You should get in  the left lane after You pass Mandalay Bay.

Rent Car Tip When You booked Your car on this site You got a very good price and You were thinking logical about what Car You wanted, remember that. When You get to the rental desk They will try to up-sell You to a bigger car or a convertible or one that has GPS. You didn't need any of that when You were thinking logically at Home so continue that thought at the rental desk.
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