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Fremont Street Experience is a must see when you visit Vegas. Every night They put on a great show and its all Free, what is better than Free? The Best Free Vegas Entertainment is The Fremont Street Experience for good reason! On an off night (Sunday-Thursday) You still get great FREE entertainment and on the ON night its ever better. Live bands play on the "on" nights but Carl Ferris plays on many nights You think are off. If you stay Downtown Las Vegas You already know this but it you one do the strip You need to get downtown and "experience" this. If you are staying on the North end of the Strip You can take the bus and get to Downtown Vegas pretty quick. But be warned its a long ride if you are staying center or south strip. If You are on the South end (MGM, Mandalay Bay, Etc) You might not want to take the bus. Best thing to do is get in the area of Riviera, Circus Circus, Sahara or Stratosphere. To do that from South Strip I would advise taking the Monorail to Sahara Hotel/Casino then taking the bus just a few stops to downtown. If you are traveling with 3 or 4 people you might be better off taking a taxi but if its one or two of you I suggest taking the Monorial to Sahara then the bus across from Stratosphere. The bus only makes a few more stops from that location so it will only take a few minutes to arrive downtown. No matter how you arrive or even if you are staying Downtown the Fremont Street Experience offers the Best free Entertainment in Vegas

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