Downtown Las Vegas
on thin Ice

Have You ever seen the show "Hoarders"? Downtown Las Vegas could be on the next episode. If You have any money, Downtown Las Vegas will lease You a space under the canopy. It has gotten to the point that there are sometimes more People working at the Kiosk than visitors. Do You like dancing girls? Me too! But do We need them outside of every casino? If You want to see the raunchy dancing shouldn't You have a choice? Shouldn't You choose to go inside the casino that has them instead of seeing them outside the casino? 

Remember when the Canopy first opened? Remember how cool it was? What has changed since then? Not a damn thing. If I never hear those four songs again it will be too soon. The canopy light show was great for a week but it got old quick and now it just needs to be torn down.

Remember the view of the neon lights before the Fremont Experience erected the canopy? Remember how they used to close the street just before dark and how cool it was to see the stars above and lights all around? Remember how awesome the light show was coming from the Plaza Hotel? You can hardly see the Plaza Hotel now unless You are 30 feet from it. 

Slotzilla? Who's idea was that? it blocks the view of the entire downtown! How much will it cost to tear it down?

Wouldn't it be nice to turn back time and have Downtown Vegas Back the way it was in the picture above?

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