Carrot Top
Luxor, Las Vegas

Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson is one of the hardest working performers in Las Vegas history. Nothing came easy, He worked every talk show that would have Him as He gained fame. His start was on Star Search, where He was a big hit.

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How old is Carrot Top? Born, February 25, 1965, .
carrot top luxor hotel las vegas

Carrot Top is one of the most recognizable performers in Las Vegas, His flaming red hair is His signature.

Carrot Top shown here, out and about in Las Vegas in His street clothes

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carrot top luxor hotel las vegas

Carrot Top went through a buff stage

When Carrot Top starting extreme weight lifting, His popularity actually suffered. He started to act differently even on stage. Today, Carrot Top has a much different fitness routine, its all aerobic. He now looks very fit and His attitude is back as it was before the buff stage.

carrot top luxor hotel las vegas

Comic Strip Live performance

Performance on Craig Ferguson show

Carrot Top is known for His extreme expressions

carrot top luxor hotel las vegas

Carrot Top has many hats

Carrot Top is feeding His puppet a beer

carrot top luxor hotel las vegas

Carrot Top is the king of props

Carrot Top got His start on Star Search as shown here

carrot top luxor hotel las vegas