Find Clean Restrooms in Las Vegas

Do You suffer from IBS,  Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis or just a Person that is extremely regular? That means when You are vacationing in Las Vegas, You are going to need to Poop in a public bathroom, it is a daunting process for sure. 

Best places to Poop in Las Vegas

The most obvious answer is find a bathroom that is not in heavy traffic. Never use a bathroom that is in the middle of the Casino, these are very messy, even if they have an attendant. The Lobby Restroom is typically a better choice but even better is the convention meeting rooms (unless a convention is in progress). Most every Hotel Casino has convention rooms, even small ones. That might be on the floor above the Casino but typically it is very fast and easy to get to. Normally, You will have that bathroom to Yourself.

If You have irritable bowel syndrome or other issues, You are constantly planing Your next toilet trip so when You arrive in a Casino look around for where You need to go BEFORE You need to go. The large luxury Casinos typically have nice lobby restrooms but not great Casino floor restrooms.

At times, the best restroom choice might be in the Casino next door, but that walk is usually very short and fast.

If You have IBS or  Crohns disease or ulcerative colitis there are Casinos that should completely avoid, either because the restrooms are messy, too far from the action or so small that there is a chance all stalls would be occupied.

The Casinos to avoid that have one or more obstacles are:



Casino Royale

Circus Circus

Caesars Palace



MGM Grand

Planet Hollywood

Casinos that have the best situation for taking a poop in Las Vegas:

Cromwell: absolutely best on the Strip

Ballys: use convention center on second floor

Linq: busy but has plenty of stalls and is always clean.

Venetian, Palazzo, WYNN, Encore: all are luxury and all are always clean.

Paris: use Lobby restrooms, very nice and always clean.

Cosmopolitan: use lobby restrooms, large and clean

Aria: all, even the Casino floor are fantastic.

Mandalay Bay: all are large and clean.

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