French Villas Apartments to be Torn Down

The French Villas Apartments will finally be torn down, much to the delight of those that walk by this location often on a daily basis. 

The property was going to be developed in a high rise Condo project and most likely a huge success but that was a decade ago. At that time the property was worth near 100 million dollars but it sold for just less than 11 million recently to Caesars Entertainment. Caesars has not said when they will tear down the apartments that are no longer occupied but most likely in the first half of 2017. The plans for the property are said to be a parking lot but as real estate values change often there is nothing set in stone for what might happen a decade from now.

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Meridian Private Residence is just across the street from the Eyesore

The Meridian Private Residence is just across the street from the French Villas apartment so most of these residents must pass by the eyesore each time they walk to the Las Vegas Strip. When torn down the walk will be must safer and much more enjoyable.