Jersey Boys
Las Vegas
Le Theatre Des Arts - Paris Hotel

This Show is Closed

Le Theatre Des Arts - Paris Hotel

Jersey Boys Las Vegas isn't just for all of You that remember the songs like "Big Girls don't Cry", "Sherry", Oh what a Night". Its also for that tween or teenager that You might have to drag in with You. All You need to do is go to the exit of this Show and see the Teens and near Teens coming out signing "My Boyfriends back so Your going to be trouble" and listen to others join in. "Rag Doll", "Working my Way Back to You", "My Eyes Adored You", "Big Man in Town". Most of us have heard them all. Many Young People have never heard any of them. But guess who is in line to buy CD's at the end of the show? The Young People that are hearing this awesome music for the very first time.

large picture showing the stange and pink jacket singers

Jersey Boys has moved from the Venetian to Paris in

Le Theatre Des Arts

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upclose to four guys

Just four guys?

sax and trumpets and other instruments behind the jersey boy Le Theatre Des Arts - Paris Hotel

A lot more than just four guys make this sound

orange jackets

These guys change clothes more often than Celine Dion

Le Theatre Des Arts - Paris Hotel

Remember, this is a story set to music

famous pink jackets

The pink was very popular with the audience

jersey boys in silver jacket

Jersey Boys is now at Paris