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Le Reve means Dreams in French and that is what the show is about. It should not mean the same to two People, its what it means to You that makes it original. The Show is in the newly remodeled Le Reve theater that holds a little more than 1000 Guest. The remodeled focused on guest comfort and guest experience and from the reviews, They got both right. There are no bad seats in this new arena. You will see acrobatic acts in this show that You normally see in a Cirque show except this show adds water. The performers are presented to the show either by high wire or under the sea. There is actually need for strong swimming skills in this show.

This is one of Las Vegas Top Shows in just about every review. And with the newly remodeled theater, it has only gotten better.

Le Reve the dream in the newly remodeled lereve theater Las Vegas Wynn Hotel
Le Reve the dream in the newly remodeled lereve theater Las Vegas Wynn Hotel

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