Most Rude Sports Books in Vegas

Every Sports book in Vegas can have bad, unhappy tellers so it can be hit or miss. But some like these five seem to keep it bad all the time. I go to Westgate often and found that since the makeover the tellers seem to be in a better mood so now this Book is a favorite place like it was 10 years ago.

Not all the mood of the ticket writers is hard to understand, many work in smoke filled Casino's and get low wages. And just like Uber is trying to replace all their drivers almost all the Sports Books are trying to get Customers to use a phone app to make their bets, cutting down on the number of Ticket Writers. 

This opinion comes from betting over the years at every Strip, Near Strip and Downtown sports books. I am sure there are Rude sports books in other areas of Las Vegas but these are the one's in the most  famous areas. This opinion is from an experience sports better so imagine how much worse a first time bettor is treated. No matter how much experience You have there are plenty of times as the bets are moving on the board You may not find Your bet and expect the staff to answer a simple question but these five will not. Now a lot of Sports Books are using LCD tvs with very small print showing the 100's of bets making it even harder to find the bet. The more bets They put on the board the more need to have helpful staff. 

Off the list of most rude: WESTGATE SUPERBOOK 

Once number one most rude is now one of if not THE best all over Vegas. After the remodel Westgate went to non smoking in the betting and seating area (bar area still allows smoking). I think this move alone made the staff in a better mood and when they are in a good mood they give friendly service.

Number one most Rude: The Linq. Why? I think it is because how the staff must breath the very bad air in the sports book. For some reason this book attracts cigar smokers more than any other. This book used to be full of friendly ticket writers so it might also be a change in managers. A manager can make or break a sports book and if the manager creates a bad example for the employees No One is happy especially the customers.

Number Two most Rude: Mirage This is because They have a very unorganized line when it gets busy. The tellers are very rude about giving You a drink ticket even when You bet over 100 dollars per game. Avoid this Sports book on any crowded game day, they allow People to sit or even lay on the floor so it is very hard to get to the window. And the Bartenders are extremely unhappy and it shows.

Number Three most Rude: Bellagio. This one doesn’t seem to be rude because of the system set up by the management but more the lack of personal skills by the staff. Just not friendly on any level. Ask any question and You get the answer “Its on the board” and when You tell them, no its not, They say “look on the sheets”. The attitude that they really do not need Your business is evident here.

Number Three most Rude: Tuscany. First I must say this book is run by William Hill not the Tuscany Hotel and Casino. I call these guys the "grunt" guys. You give Them Your bet and Your money, They type it in, take Your money, push Your ticket to you and "grunt". No words spoken. This is a very good way of getting the wrong ticket. Its almost like They want YOU to make a mistake. Read betting tip below, it really needs to be used at Tuscany.

Number Four most Rude: Hooters. Just like Tuscany, Hooters does not run Their book it is run by William Hill.  The Hooters book is a little better than Tuscany, These guys at least say a couple words when They shove the bet back to You.

Number Five most Rude: Venetian. This book is actually run by CG and not owned by the Venetian. Betting here is much different than other books for the fact that the Casino is not the owner so it is difficult to complain about poor service. If You want to make one bet and You are staying at the Venetian You will not notice any problem here but if make plenty of bets You will be frustrated by the unhelpful staff.

Betting Tip: If You cannot find Your bet ask for it. If You get rude service go to another book until You get friendly service. When You place Your bet be sure to give the bet number (found on the board, sheet or told to You verbally), the dollar amount of the bet and exactly what You are betting on (in case the number doesn't match the team You want). And now most all books have half time, quarter bets and all kinds of other bets that can be mistaken for the bet You want. Example: You want Florida State over Clemson in the full game for 100 dollars. You find the game on the board and see the number 831 next to Florida State and the number -3 (means FSU is favored by 3). So the bet You make at the window is, "831 Florida State -3 for 100 dollars full game". If You say it like that the ticket writer will let you know the information is correct. First half and second half bets typically have a four digit betting number. It also helps to let them know that you want to make a straight bet (not a parlay, prop or teaser bet).  Then never leave the window before reading that ticket. Make sure its a full game, you have the right odds, the right team and the right dollar amount. Once You leave that window, that ticket is Yours even if it was the teller's mistake.

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