Prince Harry inspires the British Troops and keeps Vegas in the News

gay troops support prince harry

Four Brits are confused about how to support Prince Harry

Thanks, Prince Harry, for keeping Las Vegas in the news, its been good for Everyone that makes money from Las Vegas. But please let Your troops know that You do not need them to get naked to support You.

Dear British Troops, Prince Harry is a stud and He is royalty. You are not! You are with fellow trops, naked! Prince Harry was with beautiful naked WOMEN, not men and not in an army Tent. Prince Harry stayed at the Wynn, in a suite that goes for 10,000 per night, thats what makes Him a Prince. If You are not a Prince and You are not staying in a 10k per night suite and You do not have a dozen naked babes in the same room, DO NOT GET NAKED!

girl with huge tits walks in front of prince harry

This is Prince Harry, this is why He can get naked

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handsome harry in a suite

Prince Harry, not naked

wynn where harry staye

Prince Harry stayed at the Wynn

prince harry's bedroo

A second bedroom in Prince Harry's Suite

prince harry's living roo

Saloon of Prince Harry's Suite