Should You learn Card Counting?

When You think about card counting, You normally think of MIT students or Asian kids, right? Because both are known to be very good at math. While that is more of a stereotype than fact, extreme math skills are not required. The process takes many, many hours of practice but Anyone can do it. If You can count single digits plus and minus quickly, You can do it. For instance if You can add plus 1, minus 1, plus 1, plus 1, plus 1, minus 1 and so on all while People are talking to You or around You then You can card count. The method is to give face cards a minus 1 and low cards a plus 1. 

The card count starts after a shuffle. As the game goes on You get a total and the total number is the number that you base your bet on. The advantage goes to the Player when the number is high, meaning there is more face cards yet to be played. The system you can use always is based on betting more when the odds are in your favor and less when they are in the Casino's favor. You have to practice because not only do you have to keep a running count, You have to change Your bet all in time before the dealer throws out the next cards, if you bet wrong you mess up Your odds. 

Facts about Card Counting

  • Card Counting is not illegal, but any casino reserves the right to refuse Your play for any reason. You will not be arrested when caught, just asked to leave. 
  • Almost Anyone can do it with practice
  • If You are successful, You will be banned from the Casino
  • You are not guaranteed to win, You are only guaranteed to increase Your chances to win. You can lose for weeks straight even if You are a good card counter.
  • You can get kicked out of a Casino before Your system comes into play. As soon as they see that You are making inconsistent bets, they know you are card counting and will kick you out at the precise time that is best for them.

I think, to answer the question, should You do it? NO! The fact that You will be kicked out if You are real good or real obvious makes it not worth the effort. A very good documentary is streaming on Netflix right now by the name of Holly Rollers. If You are considering card counting watch this movie, You will understand the extreme highs and lows involved. You will learn that You will have to wear disguises if You get kicked out or "backed off" in order to play again. And a lot of casinos share information, especially if they are in the same ownership group so getting backed off is a big deal. 

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More and more focus is on card counting and dealers are trained to signal the pit boss when they see signs but usually the pit boss already knows. Casino's are not claiming to give the player a better chance of winning and are not embarrassed to tell  You they do not want you as a player because You are good.

Team card counting is the most successful method and one that the Casinos still miss. It involves a good counter, a few low betting players and one high bettor. The high bettor stands away until the counter gives him/her a signal then they come in and bet high. This method shows that no one is inconsistent, low bettors remain low bettors and the one high bettor looks like He just came in at the right time or just lucky. Of course all on the team must act like they do not know each other.