Uber moving closer to start date in Las Vegas

Update: June 2018

Uber and Lyft are now picking up all over Vegas. Operations started on September 15, 2015 and so far all is going smoothly. There are no restricted areas for use of the ride share services. Both Services are operating at the McCarran Airport.  A short ride to the Airport from a nearby hotel will typically cost 12-13 dollars but only about 4.50 of that will go to the driver because of all the fees that are added. Both Uber and Lyft allow tipping from their App.

What has changed since We last reported on Uber? A meeting with drivers that included the company asking them to bring their drivers license, registration and insurance cards. That request in other Cities  meant that they are just days from going full scale in Vegas.

What are the obstacles for Uber in Vegas?

The obvious obstacle is the Nevada Taxi Authority. They say that they will fine Uber Drivers 10,000 dollars and/or impound their vehicles. We do not know if that is really going to happen and if they really want to risk a huge lawsuit but that is what they are promising. Any City that imposes that kind of fine could really pay big later if ride share is deemed legal by a high court. But such fines could totally shut down Uber in Vegas because Uber is not going to pay the fines of all drivers, just the first few then pull out. 

But let's just say that they were told it was okay to operate in Vegas. The logistics of picking up a rider in front of a Las Vegas Strip Casino is a huge obstacle. There are already far too many cars pulling into these mega casinos and if Uber drivers join them it will surely be a major problem.  Uber would put a large number of vehicles on the strip all at once. The strip is already way too crowded and more vehicles is just going to cause more problems. 

Why is there resistance from Las Vegas to let Uber come in?

Corruption is the main reason. The Nevada Taxi authority does not want any other business cutting in on their scam. They have been over charging and under serving millions forever and want to keep it that way. If Uber is allowed here it will surely shake up the taxi companies severely. Many Taxi drivers will jump ship and sign on with Uber and many will double dip hopping not to get caught since all taxi companies have said they will fire anyone that works for Uber. The Taxi lobby is making up reasons that ride share should not be allowed in Vegas but its the same bullshit they have been using all over the world and all of it is untrue. 

Insurance: The taxi lobby says You are not properly insured when You ride with Uber or Lyft. Fact: The second that the trip starts to the second it ends, there is a one million dollar insurance policy in place. The insurance goes away when the driver does not have a rider, but who cares? The taxi lobby says a proper background check has not been done on the driver, also not true. The background check is detailed here.

What really is important here is how Taxi's and Uber or any cars can pick up and drop off on the strip. The other areas of Las Vegas will be easy but the strip will have to make some changes to accommodate ride share companies. But at this point if the ruling is that ride share must pick up and drop off in the rear only, that would be fine with most riders. 

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