Effective Sept 8, 2014, the Dealertainers have been cancelled at The Quad.

The Dealertainer's not only sing and dance they deal cards and rapid roulette. You don't have to play to see them but if you are going to play anyway, why not play while having this kind of awesome entertainment?
Do You want to be guaranteed of seeing an Elvis performer? I have never been to watch the Dealertainers (over 100 times) that I didn't see an Elvis performance, what better odds do You want?
There are a few Elvis performers that I have seen in the Past 5 years but the only one that has been there all that time is who I call "Young Elvis", You can see Him below in the second Video under Little Richard. If he was Fat He might get the best Job in Vegas because He can do the moves, but maybe if They made Him fat He wouldn't be able to do those moves. So watch "Young Elvis and think of the early days of Elvis, this Guy has it down!
There have been many great performances at Imperial Palace, Dealertiners but the recent two that stand out are the first two videos below so please check it out.
How about The Blues Brothers, Pink, Michael Jackson, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, little Richard(Maybe best ever),CCR, and even a blast from the past with Charo and Tony Orlando? Enjoy the Videos of the Dealertainers below, We are sure this will urge you to stop in the Imperial Palace next time you are in Vegas.

Video of The Best Little Richard ever!!!

Best young Elvis Ever!

Video of "I just Called" by Stevie Wonder

Video of "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce

Video of "Poker Face" by Lady GaGa

Elvis A little less Conversation

CCR Down on the Corner


Carrie Underwood

Whitney Houston Greatest Love of all

John Cougar Hurt so good

Arthia Franklin, You make me feel

Garth Brooks Bring Me Two Pina` Coladas

Shania Twain

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