Never bet Sports Without this Tool

The best tool for betting sports in Vegas or offshore is not a handicapping program or the injury report or even all the information about past performances. The most necessary tool is the Live odds app for your smart phone. You can get the same information from this program on any device but the app is awesome because You can be anywhere in the world and get the odds information You need live and accurate. About to bet Houston -7?, check Your app and find out You can walk across the street and get Houston at -6 and it might be the difference in winning or breaking even on that game. 

Ever notice in the Vegas Casinos a sign that says: No electronic devices allowed? Vegas doesn't care about your handicapping system or Your notebook full of information. The only thing that Vegas wants to keep out of the Sports Books is the information that You can get from this program. It gives You all the live odds from every sports book in Vegas plus the major ones offshore.  The Vegas sports books are afraid of this tool because it will allow You to shop rates, just like You would for a home mortgage. Would You take the home mortgage rate at the first bank You went to? Of course not, why would you not shop for everything that You can including the odds on a sports bet?

As You can see from this incredible app, You can touch the game You want more information on and the live odds are there for every casino in Vegas or only the ones that You set up to be seen. In the screen You can see three sports books but just by sliding Your finger You can see three more and three more depending on how many You selected for Your account. Plus You can check the injuries and get betting signals and see what trends pertain to this game. And even best of all is the line watcher. If You think the line is going to move in Your favor or the line is just not right yet for Your bet, You can use the line watcher and set the line You want it to be and sit back and wait for notification that the line is now at the point.  For example: It's Wednesday and You want to bet a game that is Sunday but the line is not to Your liking, You either just do not bet it of You can use the line watcher to email You, send a push or pop up to Your smart phone to alert You where the line is at the point. When the line reaches that point it will say MATCH for Houston -5.5 Caesars. So You will know You can now go to Caesars and get that bet placed. The old way was to go from sports book to sports book all day and drive Yourself crazy and usually giving up. Now You can go have Your drinks, do some shopping, enjoy Your vacation while this program does the work for You.

Comparison Shopping for odds is the thing of the future but You can have it now.

You should always have three sports betting lines to compare. But You need to know the right ones to put in the system so You are comparing them correctly. You wouldn't go to two Walmarts to compare prices, but comparing Walmart to Target would make sense. In sports betting You need to learn Who has the different odds. You will find that all the MGM properties use the MGM odds and all the Caesars properties use the Caesar's odds. At most every property there will the a CG technology sports book or a William Hill Sports book near by to add to Your comparison shopping.  But do not put the coast casinos or stations casinos on Your list if You really have no intention of going to either to make a bet. Neither is convenient to the Las Vegas Strip.  To see the locations of each group of sports book go here.

Actual bet made using the information from this app

Included with the tools You will get daily "best bets" if You would rather use Your own bets or other providers of bets then You would skip to step two.

Step one: receive text message for Your bet

Receive Your bet from a text message. The one We are looking for is the one in the middle. Play on Utah -4. The bet is -4 or better so We are looking for -4, -3.5, -3, anything better than -4.5 in order to follow the best bet pick. If You are getting picks, You cannot deviate from the number otherwise the pick is of no value.

You can also get Your alerts by email or as a pop up on Your dashboard on Your computer. I am going to assume that You are on the move like You most likely would be if You are in Las Vegas. This app can do everything that the full screen dashboard on Your computer can do, just more condensed. 

If You are a at home bettor, You might be at the grocery store when you get Your bet alert. No matter where You are You can get a text alert. 

Step two: use the live odds app

You will go to Your app and find Utah and Georgetown tap on the game and the live odds will drop down below the game line. on this line You will see the casino sports books (or offshore books) that You set up to show. As You can see in this shot the odds are -4.5 at William Hill, Westgate and Stations but it is -4 at Treasure Island so I immediately go to Treasure Island before the line changes. It most likely will still be the same when You arrive but You cannot go to lunch then go, You need to go when You get the information. You should check the app as You walk toward Treasure Island to make sure it is still the same. 

There are times when the odds will not be to Your liking at all, that is when You would use the line watcher. You can see the word "watcher" under the odds when You tap that option it brings You to the watcher page where You will input the line You are looking for, then sit back and wait for a text. If the line never moves it might be a bet that You skip. 

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With more shows to choose from than any other City in the World, You might feel overwhelmed deciding on one. But if You narrow Your preference to a category, You can make Your decision much easier. If Your interest is in a Cirque du soleil show, why browse through the Comedy and Adult shows? If You want to see Britney or Mariah or JLo just browse the Concerts and headliners. 

Don't like huge theaters and big crowds? Choose an afternoon Show for a much lower price.  

A Dinner and Show combo is a great value and saves time to do other things that day.

Who is going to win the game? The method You use to figure out Who is going to win is not as important as getting the best deal on Your odds. Odds vary slightly on ATS bets but slightly can mean winning or losing and maybe just getting Your money back. Games routinely get the spread a half point on either side and if You didn't get the best deal on Your bet You might have the right team but not get paid because You didn't get the right odds. 

It is even more important to get the right number for Your over/under bets. You want Cleveland over 200? What if all You have to do is open Your app and see that You can walk across the street and get the bet at over 198.5? That is a huge difference in the game of basketball. Maybe You will see that the bet is as good as it will get right where You are, so bet it!

Why do I need to know about offshore odds if I am betting only in Vegas? Offshore odds often drive Vegas odds and are most of the time posted prior to Vegas odds. You might see some trend in the movement of the offshore odds and come to the conclusion that the line is going to move either for You or against You. That would cause You to wait or jump on the bet right now. The line watcher can alert You when the line is at a certain number. If You do not want to see the offshore odds You do not have to see them. I like to have the opening offshore odds on my page and then the Vegas sports books that I will be using during that time. You can pick and choose, add delete to Your liking. 

I use this app to find the odds to my games even if I am in that sports book at the time. It is much easier to find the odds on the app than it is on the giant boards in the sports book. the giant sports betting boards are very hard to read especially places like the Cosmopolitan where they keep changing the location of each sport. 

To win in sports betting You must use this tool every single bet not just now and then.

Sorry to say there is no short cut to making Your bet once You know the bet and know the location. You must move quickly, lines change often and this tool is only good if You are willing to get moving and make Your bets at the very best possible odds. If You get lazy and accept what one sports book is giving You might lose two bets over a week's time in Las Vegas but two bets might be the difference in Your whole trip depending on how much You bet. 

If You sign up for a William Hill and/or Cg technologies account You can save some walking by picking those two as two of the three comparison sites. So if You want to sit in Ballys Las Vegas and compare the Caesar's (balllys) line vs william hill and cg, You could sit on Your butt and never walk anywhere except the betting window and if william hill or cg is the better bet all You would do is use their app to make the bet.

Cut Your walking distance down by comparing the odds to the nearby books.

If You use this tool while in Vegas, You wouldn't want to set Your sports books to Westgate and Treasure Island if You are located at the MGM. At the MGM Grand You would look at William Hill and Cg Technologies because You can walk across the street to Hooters (william hill) or Tropicana (cg). see all the sensible settings when using this app in Vegas.