Prices at Las Vegas Strip Clubs will increase

A court ruling will cost Las Vegas Strip clubs millions in expenses due to a class action lawsuit filed by a former dancer. Don't think that these extra expenses are going to be absorbed by the clubs, expect that the price of admission and everything else to increase immediately. 

Most Strip clubs were treating dancers as independent contractors and therefor not required to pay them. In fact most successful Las Vegas Strip Clubs actually charged the Dancer as much as 100 dollars per shit to dance at their club. The new ruling will make these clubs pay these dancers at least minimum wage, so instead of receiving 100 dollars from the dancer, they would pay somewhere between 40 and 80 dollars, thus a 140 - 180 swing in the negative to the Club. So it could be a negative impact of at least 45,000 dollars per dancer since there will be many other expenses, like health insurance and other cost associated with employees that are not required for independent contractors. Some of the larger clubs have 300 or more dancers, so the impact will be in the millions and that money will have to come from the Consumer. 

Is this actually good for all dancers?

Not all dancers are happy with this court decision. If they are now an employee, they also have a new BOSS, many of the dancers already do not like the management at these clubs but now one of them will be their boss. Also it is in the rights of the Clubs to collect and count the tips that dancers make so that they can deduct that amount from the minimum wage for that shift or that week. If a dancer makes above the minimum wage for the week then the club would not have to pay them and that dancer would also be liable for the taxes on tips that they normally do not report. Some highly successful dancers pay taxes on 30,000 dollars but might make 100,000 or more. The Clubs could better control and report actual earnings if they decide to. 

Dancers cleaning toilets, sweeping floors and taking admission?

If a dancer is now an employee, look for some owners to require them to perform duties other than dancing, like waiting tables, taking admission and maybe even cleaning restrooms. Of course this will be done only as much as Every Club decides to have the same policy. If one does not require other duties, all girls will want to work there but if all decide to make the girls do more things they could all get away with it.

More girls will become Escorts instead of dancers.

Twenty minutes or less? We have all seen the girls on the cards that are passed out all over Vegas. Under the new system it will most likely push more girls into the World of Las Vegas Escorts. Why? These girls can easily hide tip money and if a girl is highly successful that fact is extremely important. A very successful Escort can hide tax money to the tune of 10's of thousands of dollars. Most Las Vegas dancers are used to tax free income and that might be a thing of the past in the Strip Clubs but it will also be easily hidden in the Escort World. 

Las Vegas Strip Club owners face tough decisions about raising prices

The first thing You think will happen is the Strip Clubs will raise the prices and this whole new system will only cost the Customer more money. The owners will still be greedy and dancers will now have health insurance. But what if the customer's have had it with the crazy prices? Why still go to these clubs, isn't there a better way? Yes, there is, in fact I am surprised that more People have not been doing this for a long time: 

If You are traveling with a few guys or even 20 or more, why not make Your own Strip Club? You can have girls come to Your room and have Your own party.  Buy Your liquor and/or beer at liquor store prices and drink to Your heart's content. Why pay 12 dollars for a beer when You can have one in Your room for one dollar. The money You spend on one Vip admission is enough to pay a girl to come to Your room, then You have no competition with other guys in a strip club. 

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