Uber officially operating in Vegas

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The driver meetings are now complete and Uber has enough drivers to operate in Vegas. We knew it would be within 3 weeks but did not think they would be able to do it much quicker. 

We recently wrote about the obstacles that Uber would run into on the strip and it was almost like they were reading it themselves because the company decided not to operate on the strip or the airport. They will drop off in those locations but they will not pick up there. 

What does this mean to the visitor to Vegas?

Well, nothing! Uber will not be available to You at this time. The service will be targeted to the residents of Vegas. The app will not work at the airport for pick up nor will it work on the strip. However, You could use it if You end up off the strip for some reason or another and want to return. 

Will We ever be able to use Uber (visitors)?

That depends on the resistance that Uber gets. The taxi Lobby has promised to force officials to ticket and impound Uber Cars. If that happens the service will end quickly. Uber will pay all these tickets and the expenses that impounding incurs but if there is repeated tickets and impounding, Uber will give up and leave Las Vegas. The reason they might not ticket or impound is that Uber may win a high court ruling allowing them to operate. If that happens all the tickets and impounding could come back to haunt them. So if the service works for the residents and the local officials do not interrupt it then the next step is to pick up at the strip and airport then Everyone can use the service.

Nevada gets temporary stop order on Uber but Uber is still full speed ahead. Read more.......

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