Casino War

Casino War is the kids game we all played growing up but this one has to be a little different so that the house can have a slight advantage, otherwise why would they offer it? Each player is dealt a card as well as the dealer. If your card is a higher value then you win, if its lower you lose. The game is different in case of a tie, that’s when you go to war. Where there is a tie you can surrender and get half your bet back or if you want to go to war you must put up another equal bet. Then the dealer discards three cards and deals again, if you win you only win the amount of the first bet and get your money back on the second bet. If you lose you lose both bets.

It’s a fun Casino game and when playing with others its us against the house which is always fun when the dealer hits a 2 and everyone gets paid.

A new Twist is Tie pays 10-1, when I saw that I was thinking, what the hell is this? Now I know, there is a circle that says "tie" and if you have a bet there and a Tie comes up, You go to War, if You win the Tie bet pays 10-1, what is the catch? You have to put up the Tie bet before the cards are dealt. If there is no tie, You lose the Tie bet and You win Your first bet You win only the first bet. if there is a tie you can win 10-1 if you win. The Tie bet cannot exceed Your first bet.


bet 10 dollars and match 10 dollars on the Tie bet.

dealer gets an 8, You get a 7, You lose both 10 dollar bets. OR dealer gets a 4, You get an 8, You win 10 dollars on first bet and lose Your Tie Bet, total of 20 dollars (break even).  Or dealer gets 6, You get 6, dealer then discards three cards, He gets 7 and You get 9, You get even money on the first bet and 10x on the Tie bet making a total of 130 dollars (10+10+10+100). Or if going to battle You lose, then You lose both bets.

Strip Casinos that have this game

This game is making a big time comeback. The reason is because of the 10-1 bet, it is a huge money maker for the Casino.



Bally’s no longer has it but their sister property Harrahs does




MGM Grand


New York New York

O’sheas  has it and if you want to hear rock n roll while you play this is the best place for casino war all over vegas


Paris  no longer has it


Treasure Island  



Downtown Casinos that have this game

No casinos downtown offer this game. Once one does you will see more follow.

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