Man Lost 127 Million Dollars in Las Vegas

Man lost 127 million dollars in Las Vegas in 2007
Terrance Watanabe, former owner of Oriental trading mail order company said he bet more than 825 million and lost nearly 127 million in Caesars and Rio.
If in fact accurate it would be the biggest losing streak in Vegas history.
According to Watanabe’s lawyer on ABC’s Good Morning America his client was so addicted and out of it he didn’t realize what was going on. Watanabe claims that casino employees gave him special requested Russian Vodka and Loritabs. As much as 3 bottles of Vodka and 8-10 Pills per day. Harrah’s group has denied that claim and said they never saw him drunk.
His typical bad day was a loss of 5 million dollars so wouldn’t his claim be more legit if he said that it happened that one day and now he doesn’t want to pay? Instead he came back over and over throughout the year and finally is deciding not the pay the final 14 million.
Watanabe has been charged with four felony counts for the refusal to pay the final 14 million. According to the ABC story Watanabe single handedly is credited for providing Harrah’s group with 5.6 percent of their revenue during 2007.
Watanabe has filed a civil suit claiming the casino was partly to blame for his actions. His suit claims that the casino gave him a steady stream of drinks and pain killers to keep him gambling even when he was losing millions.
Casinos have been doing this forever, that’s why we love them. I hope this guy doesn’t stop the rest of us from getting free drinks while we play.

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