Las Vegas Transportation


Always use taxis if you have three or more in your party. If you have two or less be sure to calculate other options. Taxis are still the most convenient since you can get one in front of any casino and arrive exactly where you want to go.

From the airport: A taxi will cost 12-18 dollars plus tip to the strip hotels and around 16-18 dollars plus tip to the downtown hotels. If you have three or four people use this service. If you are traveling alone or with one other person consider using the airport/hotel shuttle services. They range from 4-6 dollars per person on the strip and 6.50-8 dollars per person downtown. You may wait on the shuttle bus as much as 30 minutes before departure and may have a number of stops prior to yours so keep that in mind. We recommend this method to get to your hotel but on the way back to the airport your time will be more critical so it might make more sense to use the taxi.

Public Buses

The Deuce (double decker buses) runs 24 hours from the strip to downtown. 3 dollars per ride or 7 dollars for a 24 hour pass. Exact change required. This system makes lots of stops so don’t be in a hurry, just sit back and enjoy the sights. You can use your debit or credit card at the ticket machines located at major stops. Try the top level front seat.


The Monorail runs between the Sahara and the MGM Grand. 5.00 dollars per ride or 14 dollars for a 24 hour pass or 30 dollars for a 3 day pass. Convenient to the back entrance to all hotels on the east side of the strip between the Sahara and MGM. When the strip traffic is crawling you can fly right over it using this service. We recommend this service if you are staying at the north end of the strip, you can get to the central and south end quickly. They say you wont wait more than 7 minutes although it can actually be as much as 12 minutes, its still very good service.
Read more about the Monorail and see videos


Try walking to your destination, this will save money and you will see more than you ever thought possible. If you have a mile to your destination make several stops at casinos on the way and before you know it you have arrived and experienced more of Las Vegas. Also when you get back home you will notice that you are the same or less weight even though you enjoyed all those buffets.

Hotel Shuttles

California to Sam's Town 8:30am-11:30pm runs every 75 minutes

Fremont to Sam's Town 8:15am-11:15pm, runs every 75 minutes

Harrah's to Sam's Town 9:30am-9:30pm runs every 90 minutes

Mandalay Bay Resort to South Point 9:00am-12:30am runs approximately every hour

Palace Station to Tropicana to Fashion Show Mall and back to Palace Station Runs hourly on the hour.

Rio to Caesars Palace 10am-1am runs every 15 minutes

Rio to Bally's 10am-1am runs every 15 minutes

Rio to Harrah's 10am-1am runs every 15 minutes

Riviera to Sam's Town 9:50am-9:50pm runs every 90 minutes

Sam's Town to California/Fremont 9:00am-10:45pm runs every 90 minutes

Sam's Town to Harrah's / Riviera 10:30am-10:30pm runs every 90 minutes

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