Is Las Vegas Family Friendly?

The answer WAS Yes, but the answer IS no! Las Vegas changes with the times, You have to give it this City for knowing when to abort a bad idea. It was the 1990's when Vegas went hard after Families and almost every Hotel/Casino had something to offer Children of all ages. 

That was then, this is now. Las Vegas was most successful as a party town, not a family town. What is back? Three foot plastic cocktail containers, beer funnels, Beer pong, jello shots for sale everywhere. 

Secondhand smoke is so bad in Vegas that it should be considered Child abuse to walk Your kids through the casinos. Children are allowed in the casino as long as they are moving. This law is rarely enforced and I have seen Children in baby strollers parked next to a smoke filled slot machine for well over half an hour before Someone ask them to move along. 

Children and Prostitution should not mix!

Ready to answer awkward questions about sex from Your 7 year old? Do You think they will not see the thousands of booklets, cards and billboards advertising girls to Your room in 20 minutes? It doesn't matter how You try to avoid the advertising, Your kids will see it and record it in their minds. You might not think they even noticed but then find your precious little 8 yr old boy has a card in His suitcase so He can show His friends at home.

Orlando is the best place for a family vacation, Vegas would not make the top 1000 places. On New Years Eve, there are hundreds of strollers clogging the walking paths of the casinos as these children are absorbing the secondhand smoke. It is not only bad for Your Children to be in Vegas, it's terrible for Everyone else too. Vegas no longer wants Your Children to come with You and will not bend any rules to make sure that a drunk Man is more careful with His nasty cigarette that might be dumping ashes on Your kid's head. 

Are there things for Kids to do in Vegas?

Absolutely, there is. Circus Circus has a fantastic indoor amusement park and magical midway. But there are hundreds of other places with amusement parks all over the world. While the midway is nice, You must fight through the crowds of the casino to get there and even though the midway itself is non smoking, it is open to the same air as the casino below. The amusement park is separate from the casino and could be entered through the back door without walking through the casino so this a true family friendly area. 

The shopping in Vegas can also be family friendly but like the amusement park in Circus Circus there are plenty of other Cities You could shop in.

Are You lying to Yourself and family because You want to go to Vegas?

There are at least 10,000 Vegas websites and most will tell You that Vegas is family friendly because they want to sell You something but I tell the truth because I do not make enough from this website to even pay the hosting fees, much less my time. So the truth is hard to accept, i know. The bottom line is Vegas is no place for anyone under the legal age of 21.

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