Las Vegas Shootout
Funerals performed, arrest made.

Nine Minutes in a vallet area of Aria was all it took for two Men to argue to a level that One decided to make it a shootout.

Ammar Harris is the Man accused of the shooting, He was arrested in Los Angeles without incident on Thursday, February 28, 2013. That was the same day that a funeral was held for Kenneth Wayne Cherry.

"This arrest is much more than just taking Ammar Harris," said Las Vegas Sheriff Doug Gillespie, speaking at police headquarters Thursday near the Strip. "The citizens of our community as well as tourists who visit and work in the Las Vegas Valley are entitled to a safe community."

Harris is a self described pimp and Cherry was an aspiring rapper. Cherry was doing well enough to own a 120,000 dollar car, which could possibly have made Harris mad enough to use His gun.

The Men argued loudly in front of many witnesses at the Aria Resort and continued as They got in Their vehicles which were parked out front, where luxury cars often are. Horns were sounding and tires squealing as The two vehicles left the Resort.

Cherry drove His Maserati to the North and Harris followed in His Black Range Rover with Black wheels. Just one block later the Maserati driven by Cherry that included a passenger stopped at the light at Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd. Harris pulled up beside Cherry and began firing, killing Cherry and causing Him to move into the intersection where He ran into a taxi carrying one passenger. The taxi exploded, killing the driver and passenger. Harris sped off heading North, leaving three dead and Cherry's passenger wounded by one bullet in the arm.

The shooting occurred just after 4am, otherwise more could have been hurt or killed. Five others were injured at the corner where Bill's Gamblin Hall is.

The Cab driver was identified as Michael Boldon, 62, of Las Vegas, and passenger Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, 48, of Washington state. Sandra was a two time cancer survivor.

The passenger in Cherry's car was Freddy Walters, His bullet wound in the arm was not serious.

Boldon's funeral was Wednesday in Las Vegas. Taxi drivers held several memorials, including a procession up Las Vegas Boulevard late Thursday with horns honking and hazard lights flashing.

The Range Rover had three females in the back seat, They have not been identified.

So, now You ask, Is Las Vegas Safe?

The truth is No where in the World is safe 100 percent of the time, not even Your home. Read more about Las Vegas Safety.

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