No more free drinks in Vegas?

A new drink monitoring system is making its way All Over Vegas. It really isn't new but until recently has not been implemented very many places. The Westgate is one Casino that is using the most modern version of it. I am sure that some version of the system will be Everywhere by the end of 2018.

Who will no longer get free drinks?

Casino operators are not saying exactly how much You must play to get free drinks and each Casino seems to be different, but One group of People they can all agree on is "The non Player". The player that sits at a bar top or slot machine, gets the attention of the server, ask for a drink, puts a few dollars in a machine but never plays. Push some buttons, maybe play one roll as the drink is being served and Everyone is happy, especially because normally the server gets tipped. 

The Casinos want to take the decision of Who drinks for free away from the Server and I certainly understand why. I have spent many nights with People playing slots and been given free drinks while I was just watching. A server cannot make tips if they are not serving so why does a server care if You are playing or not? They don't and the Casinos have been losing money because of that. This monitoring system will qualify You for free drinks in a number of ways. If You are a higher level player, one that gets free parking, free or reduced room rates, the second You put Your players card in the machine most Casinos are already allowing You to order Your drink. If You are not a qualified player, You will have to earn Your drinks, one by one. The system now at Westgate allows a player to earn a free drink once every 15 minutes and even order it on the screen without flagging down a server. The 15 minute limit is not so They can save money, it is so they can meet with what is considered responsible serving. 

Casinos can now limit liability by not over serving.

In the old system there was no way to monitor how many drinks were served to one Person. The new system will slow You down and most likely cut You off. If You leave the Casino and do something to Yourself or Someone else because You are drunk, it will be easy to tell if You were over served. The Casino operators want to have a paper trail so they can prove You were not over served at that Casino. Maybe You got served a little at 10 Casinos, something They cannot control. 

Better service for REAL players

Have You ever pulled up to a Casino bar and not been able to get the attention of the bartender? Maybe because 3 very hot girls are getting 100 percent of His attention? It is not uncommon for a bartender to be a big shot at a party the night before and promising hot Girls free top shelf drinks, He ask them to put money in the machine that they can cash out when they leave and just act like they are playing. So He gets laid maybe later that night or He is just the hero and they return over and over. This is what the Casinos are trying eliminate, stealing from servers and terrible service for REAL players.

Supply Your own drinks

I am seeing more and more People carrying their own liquor and even beer. Beer can be bulky and You need ice but if You are with a few People it is easy to make that work. see Cheap Beer in Vegas for more information on Beer. Liquor is easier since You can put a small amount in a purse or a bag and just buy Your soda at Walgreens or CVS. 

A good idea is to buy one of those huge all day drinks that might be in the shape of a boot, the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, etc.. They are expensive but You can make the next one and next one Yourself in Your room and it should last You half a day or even a whole day. You can buy Liquor cheap right on the Vegas Strip. Do not venture off strip to try to save on liquor, it is actually more expensive, a lot more expensive. Taxi drivers get as much as 100 dollars for bringing a car load to an off strip liquor store. You can buy all the name brands just steps from Your hotel at many locations on the strip for less than the off strip liquor stores.

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