Should I Bring My Children to Vegas?

Is There really anything for Your Children to do on a Vegas Vacation? 

They can do lots of things but none are healthy unless They do not include the Casinos. The problem is most Parents are not coming to Vegas with Children for THEM, They are selfishly coming for themselves and They could not get Anyone to watch the Kids so They drag them along.  There is no way to avoid the Casinos, almost all of them require You to walk through the Casino just to get to Your room and even if You can find a Hotel that does not require You to walk through the Casino, You are likely to find inconsiderate smokers in shopping areas, elevators, bathrooms and even food courts. That is because the Nevada Clean indoor Air act is not enforced. All those places are illegal to smoke but You will find idiots that do not know that or smokers that just do not care about Anyone but their filthy habit. Non smoking areas are poorly marked and not just because Hotels are lazy, They purposely mark the areas with the absolute minimum signage that is required by law. 

Secondhand Marijuana Smoke is a new problem in Las Vegas

It is illegal to smoke Marijuana in Public in the state of Nevada but it seems that the stoners do not care. Marijuana became legal for Recreational and medical use on January 1, 2017. Now People think that means They can light up on the Las Vegas Strip and They DO and They do OFTEN. Do You want Your toddler to get high on the Las Vegas Strip?

Vulgar and Nasty Buskers are not meant for Children to see, but there are no rules in Vegas to stop them.

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The Girl in the almost topless outfit above is sharing pot with another Girl in broad daylight in front of Children.

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The abusive Mother in the above Video lets Her toddler breath not only Her Cigarette but all the second hand smoke of the Casino. And When Her Child is sick the rest of His life, She has no idea why.

Some buskers like the one below are very hot and Dad wants to look and maybe Mom too, but should Your 8 yr old see this?

The Father in the video below is okay with His young Son's getting a picture with an almost topless NUN

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The most famous nick name of Las Vegas is Sin City, why would any parent choose to bring their Children to Sin City?

Are You Pregnant?

Did You know that breathing second hand smoke like in Las Vegas Casinos is the same as if You are lighting up cigarettes Yourself? You would never do that in Your home town, why would You do so in Las Vegas?