Worst Scams in Las Vegas

A Punk demands money from a British couple after offering them a FREE Cd.

Number one worst scam in Las Vegas:

The CD Scam. Large Thugs are walking around with CD's that do not have any label on them at all and asking much smaller People if they will listen to their CD because they are trying to start a music Career, when the Person says no thanks, the thug says, it's free please just spread the word when You listen, there is usually three or four no thanks when the pressure gets intense. The smaller Person, usually a Girl and better yet an Asian Girl finally takes the CD and starts to walk away, that is when things drastically change. Suddenly the Girl owes the Thug for the CD, You took my CD now You can't give Me any money? Give Me five dollars! The CD is worth much more, just give Me 5 dollars and You can go. All the while He is towering over Her. The CD likely is blank and if not it is just bullshit on on CD not worth 10 cents. I saw some Asian Girls get sucked in and I asked them if They wanted Me to call the Police but They didn't speak English very well and wanted nothing to do with "The American Police" and gave the thugs the money and ran off. What to do if You are approached by thugs carrying CD's: Do not say a word, do not make eye contact just walk around them, do not engage in ANY conversation whatsoever. Trying to be polite will engage them and suddenly You will owe them money.

Number Two Worst Scam in Las Vegas:

TAXI's: This one could go on and on. TAXI drivers are on commission with many different businesses around Las Vegas, from Restaurants, Strip Clubs, Night Clubs, Shopping Centers, Liquor Stores and just about ANYTHING that You would spend money on.

Need Liquor and get in a cab? Guess what, the driver knows a great place, that great place is a rip off and Your driver will get a huge commission to bring You there. Instead read this about buying liquor in Vegas.

Strip Clubs are the best money maker for Cab drivers, He can get as much as 100 dollars per Person right when He drops You off so this is a great night for Him. If You want to go to a strip joint, decide which one based on Your research, do not let the cab driver bring You to a crappy one that will rip You off so He can make commission. It is always best to use Uber or Lyft to avoid this rip off. If You want to go to a certain one You can ask a cab driver if He has free admission passes to that one, if so go ahead and go with Him, just do not let Him force You to another one that might pay Him better.

Night Clubs: Every Cab driver has free night club passes but so does the guy on the strip on every block. Be sure You make the choice where You want to go and THEN ask if he has that free pass, never let the driver make the choice for You.

Restaurants: Don't take dining choices from a Cab driver, they will tell You the one that will pay them the most and most likely they have never eaten there. Do Your research on Your own and Name that Restaurant.

Long Hauling: Vegas Taxi's are famous for long hauling. I was once taken from the airport to the Strip via I-15, I know the area very well and ask the driver where the hell He was going. He said the traffic on the Strip is very bad so He was avoiding it. I told Him He needed to go Swenson to Paradise to Flamingo to Koval, He was shocked and said Okay, that's right. I told Him to turn off the meter of I was going to report Him to the Taxi Authority and He did. These days with smart phones there is no reason to get caught in this scam, always check the route on WAZE or some other Navigation app so You see what the route is suppose to be. Better Yet Take Uber and if the Uber driver long hauls You Uber will refund the money to the route He should have taken.

Watch the video below and see the Las Vegas Strip Resorts at the landing in the background. You can see how close the airport is to the Las Vegas Strip. Downtown Resorts are a bit further and it is logical to take the interstate in route to them but not the Strip.

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Number Three worst scam in Las Vegas

Liquor and Beer:  Please read all You need to know about buying Liquor Here and all You need to know about buying beer here. a big scam is the liquor stores a block off the strip, You immediately think You can get a better deal but they are much higher and these are the places that the taxi drivers get a big commission if they bring You there.

Number four worst scam in Las Vegas

Escorts: There are ways to know about Your escort before You invite Her to Your Hotel room. read Here for all You need to know about escorts. You can have one in Your room in less than half an hour.

Number five worst scam in Las Vegas

Rental Cars: There are plenty of locations near the strip and downtown that offer rental cars. If You want to rent a car and You see a nearby location, check the full price before You rent, make sure it is EVERYTHING then compare it to the location at the airport. It is possible You can save 100's off Your price buy taking a bus or Uber to the Car Rental Center at the Airport. You can see the full price from the airport rental center, Here. And think real hard about if You even need a rent car, explore all other options before renting. Many attractions include transportation so be sure You study the perks before wasting money. Some off brand rental places have very bad ratings, see if You can find them on Yelp before You commit. 

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