Rapid Roulette Las Vegas

Since this page was written a much newer Roulette hit Vegas.

The new version is all electronic and does not require a live dealer. Vegas is trying Everything to cut cost and the more games that do not require a live dealer the better (for them).

Rapid roulette can't be called new anymore, most anyone that has been to a casino in the last 5 years has seen it. But maybe You saw it and didn't know what it was. Rapid Roulette is a game that makes roulette much more enjoyable. Unless you like people leaning over you and stacking their chips on top of yours and blowing smoke in your face. This game has a live person spinning the wheel and dropping the ball same as traditional roulette the difference is you have a touch sensitive computer monitor in front of you that has your bets and your bets only on it. You can touch a five dollar chip and then touch again and you have a bet. Make a mistake, just clear it and start again. All your bets are your business only, no one has to share your space. Before this game you never knew if you were going to have a fun time on the roulette table or if right when you found a spot here come 5 more people and they all want to bet what you are betting. Now you don’t have to worry about someone burning you with their cigarette or spilling their drink in your lap while they stretch across the table to make their bet. Best Vegas Rapid Roulette? its a tie between Ballys and Imperial Palace because both have live entertainment in the immediate area. Bally's has live lounge acts and I.P. has the dealertainers.

Rapid Roulette Las Vegas Strip




Imperial Palace



Monte Carlo

New York New York



Sahara(now closed)




Rapid Roulette Las Vegas Near Strip

Rio Rio is the only casino to offer rapid roulette in the “near strip” group

Rapid Roulette Las Vegas Downtown

There are no casinos downtown offering rapid roulette This comes as no surprise, one rapid roulette machine takes up as much room as 5 or 6 regular roulette tables and downtown being tight on space they probably will never get this game.

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